Our wellness library provides fun resources that strengthen the body, empower the mind, and restore the spirit within you.

Physical exercise is one of the most powerful ways to move stress, emotions, and poor thinking out of the physical body. Movement allows you to release unhealthy habits that are altering your internal stability. We all experience varying degrees of stress every day.


Our videos are designed to connect you to your physical body so that you can effectively listen to your internal compass without the chaos and distractions of life.

We focus on flushing the toxins. This includes what we put in the body, what we put on the body, and what we allow to influence the body. It could be beauty products, relationships, substances, negative thoughts, poor self-esteem, debt, eating habits, trauma, poor self-care, fear, worry, anxiety, etc. Every month our app features new wellness videos to educate and inspire your internal growth to match your external pursuit towards wellness. We interview mental health experts and provide "To Do's" to help you put to practice new healthy habits.

We believe TOXINS become STRESS to the body, the mind, and the spirit.  Stress stirs chaos leaving us unbalanced, unsure of ourselves, and feeling unsafe. Stress is inevitable but we can optimize our physical, mental, and spiritual health if we know how to effectively end the stress cycle using healthy outlets.


If you work out regularly you have probably noticed no matter what kind of day you are having rarely do you finish your workout out feeling worse.

Yes, this is because of all the feel-good chemicals it releases, but it is also because exercise can cue your brain that you are in a safe space to walk through the stress cycle and see it through to completion. (No that doesn't mean your stressor goes away.) It means you have empowered your body, mind, and spirit to feel, to release, and stand strong another day.

We encourage you to finish each workout with one of our 5 minute guided breathwork sessions to help you end the cycle with a new affirmative thought to guide your day. 


Our MENTAL HEALTH hot topics are discussed with

Olivia Gibson, LCSW. You can find out more about her