Updated: Jan 27

Mental Benefits

  • Calming to the brain. Promoting relaxation for the whole body.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety.

  • Improves fatigue by giving you a renewed sense of energy when you are feeling tired.

  • It can reconnect you with your inner child and open your spirit to freedom and creativity.

  • By opening your hip flexors you can also unlock hidden emotions that can be tucked away within the tissues of your hip.

Physical Benefits

  • Realigns, lengthens, and strengthens the spine.

  • It can reduce lower back pain.

  • A great way to increase the flexibility of hips, groin, and thighs.

  • Lowers heart rate.

  • It can loosen neck tension.

Reasons To AVOID Happy Baby

  • Pregnant

  • Knee Injury

  • Neck Injury

  • Herniated Disk

How To Hold Happy Baby

  • Begin by grabbing a yoga mat and lying flat on your back.

  • Next, bend your knees towards your heart until the bottom of your feet face the ceiling.

  • Once your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle reach for the inside or the outside of your feet. If this is not yet available you can start by holding on to the front of your shin until flexibility increases.

  • Flex your heel and gently guide your knees towards the outer edge of each armpit.

  • Once you are comfortable take two cleansing breaths to start. Let the first exhale relax your upper body. Feel your shoulder blades melt into the mat and rotate your head side-to-side. Let the second exhale melt your sit bones back into the mat. After you feel your spine settle to the mat continue to hold for 30 -60 seconds. Remember to keep breathing, relax your jaw, and rock side to side if it feels good for your spine.

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