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  • Physically soaking in the bath with Epson salt can soothe and soften the skin. It serves as an exfoliator to dead skin.

  • Epsom salt helps relax your muscles and can relieve pain/ tension in the shoulders, neck, back, and skull. It is an excellent way to physically help yourself let go of the stress you are carrying within your body.

  • Epsom salt helps stabilize your mood and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.


  • Lavender has a calming effect on your mind, body, and emotions. It can allow you to relax with ease reducing anxious feelings. Lavender is another great way to let go of tension in the body.

  • Orange is the perfect oil when you need a little cheering up. This oil can increase energy and inspire feelings of spontaneity, joy, and abundance.

  • Eucalyptus can help you beat the cold or flu. It helps to provide relief for respiratory issues. It also helps fight migraines.

  • Chamomile is a natural antibiotic that has antidepressant capabilities. It can be used to lift your spirits and reduce inflammation.

  • Peppermint can help give you a boost of energy. It can relieve fatigued muscles, improve circulation, and can lighten your mood by calming nervous tension. It can also help to bring comfort to feelings of irritability.


  • Journaling can provide you with insight. It allows you to detect negative thought patterns and reroute them in a productive direction.

  • Journaling makes it easier to see your self sabotaging patterns. You can monitor what triggers you and brainstorm new ways to control them before they take over your life.

  • It gives you a safe place to feel what you need to feel. Often when we give the emotion a chance to speak it will pass. This can improve your mood as you learn to feel fear and choose to move on. You're free to feel sadness and then return to joy. You can accept feelings of anger and then move towards forgiveness and letting go. Seeing your concerns on paper helps you prioritize what should demand more of your attention.


  • A simple brisk walk is enough to boost endorphins which will reduce stress hormones. If you are feeling low or questioning your self-esteem taking a walk can help lift your spirits.

  • 30 minutes of exercise a day is an excellent way to increase serotonin and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.

  • Exercise can improve energy levels. It distributes oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and assists your cardiovascular system's efficiency. When you improve heart and lung health you also improve your vitality.

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