You've probably heard the phrase a healthy heart is a happy heart. Can a happy heart actually improve your heart health? The answer is... YES. Your body releases neurochemicals, also known as endorphins. Increasing your heart rate through cardio-based exercises releases the production of endorphins into your bloodstream. This is why we often feel a high after exercising. Endorphins can help serve our body by easing stress and pain increasing our ability to feel good. It also increases blood flow and circulation playing a long term role in the vitality of your heart.

Exercise is just one way to physically increase the release of endorphins. When you start to feel yourself slipping into a funk you hold the power to pause and choose from a variety of actions to redirect your course. Other ways to physically increase that feel-good sensation is through massage, eating dark chocolate, laughter, and sex. All great options, right? In other words break long enough to love your heart which is often easier said than done. Just remember, when it comes to sex choosing a long lasting partner over a fling will benefit your heart more. I don't need to tell you that casual flings are often a great way to break your heart and continue to fuel a disconnected spirit.

Mentally and spiritually you can increase the production of endorphins through meditation, reflecting on happy events, playing music, resisting jealousy, infusing lavender, and practicing gratitude. Isn't it fascinating how many options are available to us that have nothing to do with what we have accomplished or acquired materialistically?

We have the opportunity daily to keep the good vibes flowing. You can shift your mood in a matter of seconds if you take the time to love your heart and get those endorphins going again. It may feel challenging at first but after enough practice, you'll feel stress and anxiety coming on miles away. You will be more equipped to tackle those unwanted vibes and shift the direction of your heat, your mind, and your spirit.

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