Updated: Jan 27, 2021

This month we discussed all the feels that accompany the holidays. This magical time of year is often far from a fairytale for so many. Instead, it is often a dreaded stressful season. Common stressors during the holiday season can include; family feuds, toxic relationships, financial strain, lack of boundaries, poor self-care, taking on too much, and expecting miracles.

Part of becoming a balanced beauty means feeling stable in and out of every season of life... especially the holidays. We are here to help you come up with a plan to stay present and emotionally well as you spend quality time with your loved ones.


In this month's interview, we discussed the key to feeling balanced from the inside out during the holidays. Olivia leads us to first identify what triggers you to feel stressed, lonely, isolated, angry, overwhelmed, etc? Once you have identified the problem, brainstorm what you can do this year to plan to approach the obstacle differently. For example, if you are exhausted because of all the commitments you have made perhaps cut out some of the commitments or limit the amount of time you spend at each place. If money is putting a strain on your relationships plan ahead to budget gifts that are within your financial means. Maybe a relative causes stress. You have permission to place boundaries around how much time you spend with them and what conversations you want to participate in.

We encourage you to be intentional to spend some time with yourself highlighting your triggers and coming up with a game plan for you and your household to enjoy the holidays without the unnecessary stressors stealing your joy.


Olivia gave us 4 helpful tips. Keep writing creative solutions for your holiday season based on the to do's listed below. How can you incorporate this list into your new routine?

  1. TRY SOMETHING NEW. New traditions to replace what is not working anymore. New approaches to relationships. New ways to be generous. New ways to balance your time with family. New ways to include self-care within your holiday schedule. Be creative!

  2. PRACTICE ACCEPTANCE. Expecting miracles that are out of your control will put unwanted tension on you and you're household. Is there anything you need to let go of simply because it is out of your control? While there is beauty in repairing your relationships with loved ones or memories from the past it is not always realistic that the holidays will magically make underlying issues resolve themselves for the sake of the season. Accept where you are in the journey towards healing and find the joy at this moment.

  3. LET GO OF "THE SHOULDS". Expectations can often lead to disappointments because things do not always go as they should. Thank you 2020 for allowing us to never forget it. To be balanced from the inside out you must be committed to resilience. You can practice being flexible enough to reroute when needed. This learned skill will help you avoid unnecessary emotions that accompany disappointment. Letting go of the "ideal" is hard. Don't be afraid to allow those emotions to be felt as you shift your perspective from what should be to what can be.

  4. SELF CARE. Self-care is a daily discipline of every balanced beauty. To provide care for self you must first know what you need. If you know what you need to walk through the stress cycle... amazing! If you are not sure visit our Travel Size Self Care TIPS.

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