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Updated: Jan 27

Boutique fitness studios are trendy but not always practical for every budget. Not to mention they rarely provide child care for at-home moms, schedules that accommodate the working woman, or enough variety for everyone’s interest and skill level. Thanks to all the AMAZON gift cards coming your way this holiday season you can build your own at-home boutique fitness studio for $50-$300. Depending on what you like you can tailor your space to meet your fitness needs and your financial needs.

Beauty I AM’s Balanced Beauty Guide offers a variety of classes you would take at your local gym. The gym unlike studios usually offers a wider variety of classes and can sometimes offer lower rates for membership.

Instead of paying gym rates you can workout with us for $15 a month. The Balanced Beauty Guide is our basic fitness package. This includes unlimited access to our on-demand fitness collection and our mind, body, spirit catalog.

The average gym would charge you $50-$300 per month. That means you could save a minimum of $420 a year (Assuming you found an awesome deal at $50 per month.) Obviously, your savings would only increase if you were paying more for your membership.

Also, at most corporate gyms they will charge you an initiation fee. Instead of paying a fee use your money toward buying equipment. On Amazon, you can build your own gym space for $100. If you hit TJ MAXX you might find even better deals.

  • Booty Bands $10-15

  • Resistance Rope with handles $10-15

  • Sliders $5-10

  • Barre Ball $5-10

  • Weights $30-50 (Much cheaper at TJ MAXX)

  • Mat $10

Often times these items come in bundles. These prices can be lower than buying them separately.

The list above is all the equipment you will need for our 30-minute workouts offered in our Balance Beauty Guide Subscription. Here's a list of our classes.

Pilates Fusion, Barre, HIIT, 100s, Core Booty, Yoga, Strength & Tone, & TABATA Burn.

If you are used to going to a boutique studio we have something for you too. As you know these studios start at $150- $300 a month. Our boutique fitness studio provides you with vibration, trampoline, & body type personal training videos. So even at a boutique studio’s lowest rates, you could save $1,200 a year setting up your own indoor studio.

If you are looking to build a boutique studio you will have to invest a little more money in equipment. You can find trampolines and vibration plates on Amazon for the lowest rates. Or you may decide to invest in some of the leading brands if the price is not of concern to you.

Saving money is one of the number one reasons to build your own studio. A close second is that creating your own space helps you eliminate all the reasons you don’t use your expensive memberships…. No daycare, daycare costs too much, I’m too tired after work, I am too tired before work, etc. You get my point. Cut the cost and cut the excuses.

Let’s build your at-home studio just in time for 2021. You’re going to be home anyway why not make your space useful?

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