Post Workout Self Care Guide: Theragun/ Hypervolt

Benefits of Using a Theragun/Hypervolt

This post-workout therapy gun increases mind-body awareness which can improve your recovery and reduce your risk of injury. Not to mention it can improve your flexibility and make your workouts more efficient. As your range of motion improves so will your posture, your balance, and your strength.

These tools can help to reduce pain and also increase blood flow. Increased blood flow will help you maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout your body. This allows your lungs, your heart, and your muscles to function properly and efficiently. You'll be more equipped to fight off and altogether avoid potential diseases and sicknesses. Proper circulation, enables the white blood cells in your immune system to be carried throughout the body as needed to maintain a healthy well being.

Therapy guns also help to increase lymphatic flow. Meaning, this tool can gently help your body rid itself of toxins by pushing fluid to the lymph channels. This can improve your overall health but it can also help with your weight loss goals. WHY? When fat accumulates or cellulite due to impairment of the lymphatic system the result toxic build up. When toxins do not flush as they should they instead keep piling up. Therapy guns aid in unclogging this system and can dissolve the cellulite and send you on your way to your weight loss goals.

This post-workout remedy can also decrease lactic acid build-up which will occur when exercising. The body makes lactic acid when it is low in oxygen and it needs to convert glucose into energy. The lactic acid buildup can cause muscle pain, cramps, and muscular fatigue. Hints, why this tool helps with your exercise efficiency. It allows you to get back in the game after your last glute class made it difficult to sit for days. As your Balanced Beauty Guide, I encourage you to maintain a balance between exercise and recovery. Your body needs both to accomplish i'ts end goal.





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