Writing Exercises: Renewing Your Thoughts

Your Guide To Renewing Your Thoughts

Renewing Your Thoughts:

  • Keep a journal handy at all times. Be proactive in jotting down your thoughts throughout the day. Try not to think about what you are going to write, but instead let your thoughts be automatic and authentic. Remember there is no reason to judge your thoughts as they are passing through.

  • Next, take the time to think about what emotions are attached to the thoughts you have written down. Spend some time opening up and identifying exactly what it is you are feeling. Once you have a strong sense of your emotions rate each one’s intensity on a scale between 0-100. ( 0 being not emotionalized at all, 100 being the highest level of intensity.

  • Finally, note your reactions to these emotions. How are you instinctively responding to the emotions that you are feeling? Write a new message next to the old that will help steer your thoughts in a positive direction.

Once you learn to be proactive in noticing how you are feeling and how you are responding to your feelings you can intervene before it is too late. Pinpointing negative thought patterns can help you take your thoughts captive so they do not lead to self-sabotage.


If you are feeling depressed. Your thoughts are leading you down a negative spiral. This might lead to a night of excessive drinking, self-harm, or procrastination.

--> Instead when you notice the negative thought pattern you can make an active choice to change the message which will also change the end behavior. This will help you break damaging behavior patterns.

If you are feeling unlovable. Negative thoughts begin to filter in taking you under like a tidal wave.

-->Instead chose not to take your thoughts at face value. Just because it filters through your system doesn't mean it bears any truth. Be ready to combat those thoughts with a dose of reality. Remind yourself of all the people who do love you. Choose to do a relaxing activity that extends love towards yourself instead of going home alone to sulk alone in your sorrows feeding the negative thought and encouraging destructive behavior.

It's human to feel overwhelmed with our thoughts. Just remember you are not being held captive by depression, anger, frustration, self-hatred, or negativity. Once you learn to recognize it's poison flowing through your veins you can put an end to its power over you. I warn you in advance. This takes discipline. It is not easy at first you must commit. You must fight for truth to flow in and out of your mind, body, and spirit.

Earlier we wrote down thoughts that counteracted the negative thoughts. Go the extra mile for yourself and buy notecards. Write a truth/affirmation on each card based upon the thoughts you are trying to renew. Keep these cards with you at all times. Maybe hang them on your mirror until they become the NEW THOUGHT. The second you feel yourself steering off course you hold the power to stay the path.

"As a man thinks, so he is."

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